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1. Basic provisions
1.1. The forum administration is the creators and maintainers of this resource in a working and viable state.
1.2. Forum moderators are volunteers from among the users who are appointed by the Administration to monitor compliance with these Rules and maintain the policy of the Forum Administration.
1.3. Forum users are all participants of this forum who have registered here in accordance with the established procedure and have agreed to these Rules.
1.4. This forum is publicly available and represents the owners of Hyundai Palisade cars and the car itself on the world wide web. It is designed for interesting and friendly communication. If you are not used to communicating in this way, then try to learn or you will have to leave the forum.
1.5. It should be remembered that guests of this resource from other countries, regions and cities make up an idea of us based on the materials and topics posted here.
1.6. This places a huge responsibility on each user for the posts and messages posted on the forum. In turn, the forum Administration undertakes to monitor the appropriate level of this resource, which gives the most complete picture of our favorite car.

2. Forum Usage Agreement
2.1. Remember that the Forum Administration is not responsible for any published messages.
2.2. The Forum administration does not guarantee or guarantee the accuracy, completeness or completeness of any message and is not responsible for the content of any message or file.
2.3. Messages express the views of the author of the message, but not necessarily the views of the entire forum.
2.4. Any topic created by a forum participant is the property of the forum. None of the forum users can arbitrarily determine which of the other users are allowed to communicate in the topic created by them, and who is not.
2.5. Any user who feels that a particular published message is undesirable or offends him, can contact the Forum Administration to solve this problem in the "Feedback" section or by using the feedback button.
2.6. When registering, users agree that they will not use this forum to post material that is advertising, knowingly false and / or defamatory, inaccurate, offensive, vulgar, hateful, obscene, sexually oriented, threatening, aggressive, ignores and infringes on personal freedoms and privacy, or otherwise violates any law or generally accepted morality.
2.7. When registering, users agree not to publish any copyrighted material without attribution, unless the copyright belongs to them personally or to this forum.
2.8. The Forum administration does not punish (deny access to) forum participants at their own request. If a forum participant believes that the forum interferes with his life, then this user should independently refrain from visiting the forum for a certain period of time.

3. Rights and obligations of Forum users
3.1. Forum users have the right to:
3.1.1. Publish your thoughts and statements in the relevant sections and topics.
3.1.2. Create your own topics in the appropriate sections.
3.1.3. To address questions concerning this forum to the Administration and moderators in the appropriate section - "Feedback".
3.1.4. To have your opinion, different from others, expressed in a correct and constructive form.
3.1.5. Suggest ideas for improving the forum in the appropriate section - "Feedback".
3.1.6. Post your feedback and suggestions in the appropriate section – "Feedback".
3.2. Forum users are required to:
3.2.1. Follow these Forum Rules.
3.2.2. Do not commit any violations listed in paragraphs 6 and 7 of these Forum Rules.
3.2.3. Keep the language clean. It is desirable to observe the rules of grammar and spelling as far as possible.
3.2.4. Treat the other users of the forum with respect and strive for a friendly, healthy and constructive atmosphere of communication.

4. Moderation procedure
4.1. The order on the forum and the implementation of the Rules are monitored by moderators specially appointed by the Forum Administration.
4.2. Any requirement of the Forum Administration and the moderators appointed by it must be fulfilled strictly, without entering into arguments.
4.3. If you believe that the behavior of a member of the forum is unacceptable (whether in relation to you or in relation to someone else)-you have the right to complain about this message. To do this, each message has a "Report this message" button.
4.4. At any time, the Forum Administration or moderators can close any topic and move it to the Archive, if they believe that this topic has exhausted itself or is outdated. If users want to reconnect in this topic, they can address this issue to the forum administrator and moderators in the section "feedback".
4.5. At any time the administrator or moderators can close (in some cases remove) any subject, if you think in this thread are the place of breach of the Rules of the forum.
4.6. You can request additional explanations about any actions of the forum moderators or complain about them by contacting the Forum Administration only in the "Feedback" section.

5. Rights of the Forum Administration
5.1. The administration of the forum, as well as the moderators, try to monitor the order and execution of the provisions of the Rules on the forum.
5.2. If the user violates the Forum Rules, the moderator has the right to eliminate this violation (delete the user's message / topic) and issue a warning to the violator.
5.3. The administration of the forum, as well as the moderators, have the right to delete messages and topics that do not comply with the Rules of the Forum.
5.4. In case of non-performance or unfair performance of the moderator's duties, the Forum Administration has the right to remove the status of the forum moderator from this user and deprive him of all moderator rights.

6. Forum users are prohibited from

The following actions are a violation of the Forum Rules.
6.1. Criticism and condemnation in any form of actions of the Forum Administration and moderators outside the "Feedback"section.
6.2. Ignoring the requests and instructions of the Forum Administration and moderators, as well as disobeying their requirements.
6.3. Creating topics that do not correspond to the topic of the section.
6.4. Creating identical themes. If you are new to the forum, then use the SEARCH to try to find the answer to your question.
6.5. Creating surveys and topics whose names do not explain the essence of what is being discussed. Example: creating topics with monosyllabic names "Help", "Problem" , etc., as well as with names that do not understand the purpose and meaning of creating a topic or survey. When creating a topic or survey, try to give clear information in the title about what this discussion is about.
6.6. Ask questions in an already discussed topic that are not related to it, the so-called "offtop" or leave messages that do not carry a semantic load, that is, meaningless, the so-called "flood".
6.7. Post the same message in different topics.
6.8. Post deliberately false and / or inaccurate information.
6.9. Publish any copyrighted material without attribution, if the copyright does not belong to you or this forum.
6.10. Post messages that consist of only emoticons, unrelated characters, and do not carry any semantic load.
6.11. Writing messages completely in uppercase, the so-called "caps" (CapsLock, Shift).
6.12. Abuse of various font and graphic design of messages (color, size, font style, emoticons, images and thumbnails). When selecting a text, it is enough to select a keyword in a phrase in some way.
6.13. Placement of inscriptions in messages and signatures of users with the use of large fonts.
6.14. Registration of nicknames; posting avatars, signatures, photos, as well as other personal profile content that may mislead forum users. It is also prohibited to use elements that have already been used in other users ' profiles, unless this is part of a mutual agreement between users.
6.15. Registration of several nicknames for one user. This item also applies to the registration of new nicknames when blocking existing ones.
6.16. Communication on the forum under someone else's nickname.
6.17. Posting messages from blocked users under your nickname.

7. Particularly prohibited actions of Forum users

The following actions are considered particularly malicious violations of the order established on the forum.
7.1. Placement of messages of a pronounced advertising nature for the purpose of PR of a particular product, service, enterprise, Internet site, etc.
7.2. Posting in the user's profile, as avatars, photos and captions, shocking images, images of an advertising, pornographic or erotic nature, as well as infringing on the religious, cultural or political views of other users, promoting violence, racial, sexual, age, national and any other discrimination, as well as drug use and calls to commit acts that violate these Rules, the laws of the Russian Federation and international law. This prohibition also applies to messages posted by users on the forum. Whether the images and messages posted by users are related to the images and messages described above is determined by the Forum Administration.
7.3. Posting images with obscene or offensive inscriptions in the user's profile as avatars, photos and captions, even if they are veiled or written in a foreign language.
7.4. Posting in the user's profile as avatars, photos and captions of images with email addresses and links to any network resources.

7.5. Placing links to any network resources and mailboxes in the signature.
7.6. Registration of nicknames that carry advertising, obscene or offensive meaning, contain obscene words or expressions, even if they are veiled or written in a foreign language.
7.7. The use of obscene, vulgar, offensive expressions, even if they are veiled or written in a foreign language, offensive or abusive expressions in someone's address.
7.8. Rudeness, disrespectful attitude and treatment of other users of the Forum.
7.9. Discussing in a rude and humiliating way the inferiority of other participants in the communication, their shortcomings, religious or political views.
7.10. Propaganda of violence, racial, sexual, national and any other discrimination, as well as drug use and calls to commit acts that violate these Rules, the laws of the Russian Federation and international law.

8. About advertising
8.1. Advertising that is not approved by the Forum Administration is prohibited in any form on the forum.

9. Penalties for violations of the Forum Rules by users
9.1. In case of violation of these Rules, the forum user receives a warning. In case of violations of the Forum Rules, the user is awarded (in some cases, not credited) a certain number of penalty points, depending on the violation. In case of a total set of critical number of penalty points, the user is deprived of access to the forum for a certain period set by the Forum Administration.
9.2. For particularly malicious violations of the Rules of the forum, users can lose access to the forum without warning, up to the eternal denial of access and even blocking by IP address.
9.3. In special cases, at the discretion of the Forum Administration, the measures taken may be relaxed or vice versa tightened.

10. Personal messages
10.1. Personal Messages (hereinafter referred to as BOS) are part of the forum. It follows that they are also subject to these Rules and the prohibitions arising from them. Accordingly, all penalties for violations apply to the drug.
10.2. The forum administration and moderators do not have the need, as well as the desire, to invade this personal area of the forum users ' lives, but in case of user complaints and violations that have arisen in the BOS, they reserve the right to restore order, according to the current Rules.

11. Final part
11.1. The Forum Administration reserves the right to change and supplement these Rules.
11.2. Ignorance of these Rules does not release forum users from responsibility.

Important Information